Rapha Super Cross Round 1 - Windermere

Round 1 of the Rapha Super Cross at Windermere promoted by the Lakes Road Club,was blessed with un-characteristic [for the Lake district] brillant sunny weather. the event was won by Lee Williams (Wiggle)with Jody Crawforth (Hargroves)second and current national champion Paul Oldham (Hope)Third.
The team event was won by Hope Technology with Scott UK second and Rapha / GB Development third.

A big thankyou goes to organiser Paul Loftus for putting on a fantastic event.
(Contains 75 photos)
Rapha Super Cross Round 1 - Senior portfolio
(Contains 47 photos)
Rapha Super Cross Round 1 - Elite portfolio RESULTS - TEAM
1.Hope Technology
2.Scott UK
3.Rapha / GB Development
5.Hargroves / Specialized
7.Sigma Sport / Specialized

1. Lee Williams (Wiggle)
2. Jody Crawforth (Hargroves)
3. Paul Oldham (Hope)
4. Rob Watson (Rapha / GB)
5. Dave Collins (Hope)
6. Dan Booth (Hope)
7. Kenta Gallagher (Scott)
8. Luke Grivell-Mellor (Scott)
9. Nick Craig (Scott)
10.Joe Moses (Rapha / GB)

UNDER 23 – Rob Watson (Rapha / GB)
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